We‘ll find the LifeStages caregiver that is right for you.

“We’ve used another agency from time to time – while they are fully competent, LifeStages is outstanding. Thanks.”  E.B. Yarmouth, Maine

We know it’s difficult to let someone you don’t know into your home to help you with personal needs. Our goal is to put you at ease. Your satisfaction with your caregiver is the most important thing. And if you feel uncomfortable with the person caring for you for any reason, we will replace that person with another LifeStages caregiver. No questions asked.

Your LifeStages caregiver is trained to recognize changes in your needs as they occur, and we have the ability to send a nurse or physical therapist, or to call your doctor to check on you.

Your Safety and Security are Key

As a member of the Eastern Maine Health system, our caregivers go through the same background checks as any surgeon at Mercy Hospital. These checks include drug testing, criminal background checks, driving checks, health physicals, and reference checks. You can feel safe with the LifeStages team in your home.

Caregiver training

VNA LifeStages Caregivers are passionate about in-home care

With over 90 years of service, VNA knows what it takes to deliver quality care in someone’s home. We are very selective when choosing companions and caregivers for our LifeStages clients. What we search for is a unique passion for quality care and commitment to every patient.

Specific criteria that potential VNA LifeStages caregivers must meet include:

  • A professional and complete application
  • An intensive round of interviews
  • Thorough reference checks, criminal and driving background checks
  • Pre-employment physical
  • Vaccination documentation and TB screening
  • Drug screening
  • Active, on-the-job orientation

At VNA LifeStages, we recruit staff members who strive to care for each patient just as they would a beloved member of their own family. We orient and train our staff extremely well, asking them to keep in mind how they would want to be treated in their home. Our training is both in the classroom and with supervisors in the field. All employees must also attend our customized Alzheimer’s training program.  This rigorous selection and orientation process means that our caregivers and companions are adaptable, comfortable and skilled, no matter the situation. In our 90-year history, we’ve realized that the key to giving excellent service is to hire just the right people.

With VNA LifeStages, you now have the relationship that can last for the long run. To learn more, please call (207) 400-8763 or submit a request for more information.