Are you a member of the Sandwich Generation?

Do you need help keeping Mom or Dad safely at home?

VNA’s Care Managers provide advocacy, guidance and support for families who are helping older adults maintain their independence in their own homes.

In this video, Lisa Fuller, Head of the LifeStages’ Care Management program answers your questions on care management and how it can help as you deal with the challenges that come from supporting aging loved ones.

Professional care management is a holistic, client-centered approach to caring for older adults or others facing ongoing health challenges.  Working with families, care manager expertise provides the answers at a time of uncertainty. Their guidance leads families to the actions and decisions that ensure quality in home care and an optimal life for those they love, thus reducing worry, stress and time off of work for family caregivers through:

  • Assessment and monitoring
  • Planning and problem-solving
  • Education and advocacy
  • Family caregiver coaching
  • In home nursing

Care Managers are engaged to assist in a variety of areas, such as:

  • Housing – helping families evaluate and select appropriate level of housing or residential options
  • Home care services – determining types of services that are right for a client and assisting the family to engage and monitor those services
  • Healthcare Advocacy and Medical management – attending doctor appointments, facilitating communication between doctor, client, and family, and if appropriate, monitoring client’s adherence to medical orders and instructions
  • Communication – keeping family members and professionals informed as to the well-being and changing needs of the client
  • Social activities – providing opportunity for client to engage in social, recreational, or cultural activities that enrich the quality of life
  • Legal – referring to or consulting with elder law attorney, providing expert opinion for courts in determining level of care
  • Financial– may include reviewing or overseeing bill paying or consulting with accountant or client’s Power of Attorney
  • Entitlements – providing information on Federal and state entitlements; connecting families to local programs
  • Safety and security – monitoring client at home; recommending technologies to add to security or safety; observing changes and potential risks of exploitation or abuse

It’s proven that seniors with a dedicated geriatric care manager experience better health: fewer visits to the Emergency Room, decreased hospitalization, fewer falls, improved medication management, and better ability to remain safe at home. And increased Peace of Mind for family members knowing their loved one is in the hands of a skilled professional.

Testimonials from our Clients

“Our parents’ health declined rapidly and 24-hour care was needed.  As neither my sister nor I live in Maine, we had to rely on others to care for them.  And care they do. Our Care Manager has become part of the family; we can rely on her to give us honest appraisals of what is going on with two people who have very different medical and emotional issues.  Everyone we have worked with at LifeStages has been professional and compassionate.  And, they are family.” Julie F.

“My sister had a fall and short-term memory loss.  Not living near her, a recommendation was made to contact LifeStages.  Not only did she receive the services she needed but she was able to stay in her own home.  And she was happy!  Recently she fractured her femur and I had to face placing her in an assisted living facility.  Our VNA Care Manager researched all avenues, found placement and facilitated the transition, taking the difficult part out of my journey with my sister.  I feel very fortunate to have her as my sister’s advocate – and mine, too.  I am now realizing the peace of mind she promised.” Jane B.

“To say my VNA Care Manager saved my life would not be much of an exaggeration.  Trying to recover slowly from major surgery I found myself tangled in a communication void.  It would be impossile to say how many Gordian knots, snarls and brambles she hacked away.  All of it accomplished with dignity, quietly and professionally.  Almost immediately I began to recuperate more rapidly.  I am forever grateful to the program.” John O.

“VNA is a well run and caring organization.  My parents’ Care Manager is extraordinarily dedicated, knowledgeable, trustworthy and hard working.  Most of all she is compassionate and caring.  I couldn’t do my own work without her involvement in our lives.  You should be proud of what you do.  To me, you are all the silent heroes in people’s lives.”  George C.


ann-p   Ann Phillips, RN, BSN, CCM

Ann Phillips has been accepted as an Advanced Professional in the Aging Life Care Association. Her career in nursing includes time in med-surg, orthopedics, cardio-thoracic surgery and heart transplant, and cardiology. For the past 15 years, Ann has focused exclusively on home care.  She is uniquely qualified to help people who are healthy, or may be facing health challenges, stay in their homes with an optimal quality of life.

lisa-p   Lisa Plummer, RN

Lisa graduated from Mercy Hospital School of Nursing in 1986.  Her clinical experience includes 18 years in Critical Care and the Emergency Room. Lisa then moved into more community based care and has a diverse background including Occupational Health, Wellness and Case Management.  She has over 5 years in Home Care where she feels is the best place to use all her skills, positioning clients for positive outcomes through proactive care management.  Lisa enjoys the uniqueness of people, especially the geriatric population.  She is driven to create an environment where our elders can thrive.

hera   Hera Knight, RN, BSN

Hera has been in home care nursing for the last 7 years, coming from the acute care hospital setting where her experience was varied and diverse. Her years as an RN on the float pool afforded her the opportunity to care for a huge variety of cases in settings such as the Emergency Room and post-operative Cardiac recovery, as well as everything in between.  Hera believes that the home setting is a new frontier for change, where keeping people safe and comfortable in their living environments is the key to aging with dignity and grace.

If juggling family, children, and jobs is making daily caregiving seem almost impossible, consider LifeStages. Call us today at (207) 400-8763.