VNA’s caring programs bring our community together.

Through seasonal flu clinics, special speakers, and our faith community nursing programs, VNA brings people together. Relevant outreach programs offer a special connection to the community in which we live.

Caring for the Congregation – VNA’s Faith Community Nursing Program


The mission of the Faith Community Nursing Program is to assist local faith communities in their efforts to provide spiritual, physical, psychological and social care to their members and neighborhoods by facilitating the establishment and maintenance of the Faith Community Nursing Program in community congregations.

Our program includes nurses as well as social workers and other volunteers from the various congregations who want to support and help other members of their congregation. The Faith Community Nurse’s role focuses on personal health counseling, health education, referrals, wellness, promotion, advocacy and integration of faith and healing. VNA also provides a liaison to help support the congregation and train their volunteers to be able to provide the support needed by their members.

The Faith Community Nursing Program is involved in numerous activities to reach out and empower members within the community. From blood pressure clinics to exercise classes to home visits, the volunteer team lives and works in the community it serves.

Our many services include:

    • Health counseling and screenings
    • Education on health and wellness issues
    • Advocacy on behalf of the patient
    • Liaison for information on accessing available resources in the area
    • Nutrition and weight management
    • Walking and exercise groups
    • Health education classes
    • Stress management
    • Diabetes information

  • Home visits

Flu Clinics

Every fall, VNA needs help with a very busy Flu Clinic schedule. We are proud partners with the State CDC in their School Located Vaccination Clinic Program, an extension of the State Health Improvement Plan.  VNA contracts with many school districts providing thousands of vaccinations to employees and children in preparation for flu season. Our program has been recognized nationally for our “best practices” approach and benefits the schools and communities we serve because protected children are absent less and do not infect their parents and grandparents.

If you are interested in helping, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator. A one-time orientation and training is required and is usually held in September.

To learn more about VNA’s nationally recognized vaccination program, please click here.

Speakers Bureau

Is your community group, church or civic organization interested in promoting better health? Invite us to speak to your group about the many ways in which we work with your community. Our topics are interesting and thought provoking. Our presentations are professionally developed to keep your audience attentive.

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